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From the Realm of Mist (live sessions)

by The Seeds of Datura

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This is an 8 track mix compiled from live recordings of the band at the Realm of Mist Studio between 2016 and 2017. It includes 6 unreleased songs from the band and a live version of "Wonderland."

The Realm of Mist was a recording studio and social experiment established by Harvey Herr in 2015 in Tigoni, Kenya. Located in the highland tea growing region of Kenya about an hour out of Nairobi, it is encompassed within massive tea plantations established by the British colonialists more than 100 years ago. Far enough removed from the urban sprawl of the city but close enough to travel back and forth it became a haven for several bands that were formed in it's abode. Culturally, the area remains distinctly rural and puritanical. It is the home of humble peasants who pick tea, and a myriad of Christian religious institutions. It is an unlikely place for the rise of a psychedelic death metal scene with reference to the great pagan religious complex of ancient Eygpt, Crowley and Satanism.

Hidden by the dense fog that descends from the Aberdare range above and isolated by the hectares of tea fields and woodlots, the “Realm of Mist” is where the Seeds of Datura were born. As with the neighbouring Christians, the band used the landscape as a retreat to into a deep exploration of themselves and the natural forces around them. These explorations, spurned by the never ending supply of ganja and accompanying philosophical discussions, manifested into hours of uninhibited jam sessions - the apex of which you are listening to here.
This experience was not to last - the goth-clad and dreadlock figures of the band stuck out like a soar thumb in a landscape that had never-ever experienced such characters and in 2017 the studio shut down.

The band lived full time at the studio for the better part of 2016 and for one month of 2017. The band was almost full-time involved with developing the music and mythology behind their music, neatly merging their interests in Afro-pop, Death Metal, Doom metal and psychedelic rock, weaving each song into an immutable African mythology. Isolated from the rest of the world, without distraction from worldly concerns the band was like a group of monks studying ancient scriptures, steeped in holy verse and melodies. In a realm of smoke and mist the band could give full attention to what was listened to and shared. This is the story of the collective expereince that informed their inflections.

[0.00 - 4.59 - - Eyes of Greed]
[5.00 - 7.47 - - Minefield]
[7.57 - 14.10 - - Nightcrawler]
[14.22 - 19.06 - - Wonderland]
[19.18 - 23.11 - - No child is born racist]
[23.52 - 29.55 - - 8th lucid uniformity]
[30.07 - 36.00 - - Nightcrawler II]
[36.26 - 40.35 - - Snake god]

Artwork by Willy Ojiro


released June 26, 2018
Restored and Mastered by Harvey Herr


all rights reserved



The Seeds of Datura Nairobi, Kenya

Coming from a long tradition of heavy metal bands like Last Year's Tragedy, Mortal Soul, Void of Belonging, "Seeds" emerged with an uncanny translation of metal music that refuses to be tied down to any particular sub-genre. To this band of six the music always followed the edict of the shamanic "Datura" plant, evoking dynamism & all the heavy metal elements found in mother nature. ... more

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